Catie, You Have Some ‘Splain To Do

I feel like I have some explaining to do… like what they heck this blog is actually going to be about.  That is a great questions and the truth is I am not positively sure. To put it simply, I plan to write about the things I enjoy. So, here are a few of my favorites.

Cooking: I have a lot of love for food. Growing up, it seemed like food was the center of all our family functions. I think that is where my love of food came from. One of my favorite things to do is try new recipes that find in magazines (yes, I have a subscription to not 1, but 2 cooking magazines) or that I get from my mom. Make sure to check back for some of my favorite (or new) recipes. 

Restaurants: I am aware that two of these sections revolve around food, but who doesn’t love food? I think I love trying new restaurants, just as much as I love cooking. I regularly joke that I eat my way through every new city I visit, but I think restaurants give you such a good feel for the city you are in.

Traveling: This is definitely a newer passion of mine. Don’t get me wrong, I always loved going on family vacations as a kid, but it is very different travel was an adult. I actually get to pick the places I travel to and decide what to do while I am there. I also travel pretty frequently for work, so I have also gotten to visit some places I never thought I would. Don’t worry, I will share some of my favorite destinations.

Being Active: Now, I want to assure you that I in no way consider myself a fitness guru. However, when you love food as much as I do, exercise is a necessity. My absolute favorite form of exercise is hiking, which is a little problematic seeing as I now live in the very flat city of Memphis, TN. Over the past year, I have tried to figure out my fitness style and what works for my lifestyle. At the end of the day, I believe that balance is the key to life.

Fashion (well…kind of): For as long as I can remember, I have loved clothes. I remember pestering my mom incessantly to take me shopping when I was a kid. The rest is history. I love my leggings and tee-shirts as much as every other girl, but I also love that feeling of putting together the perfect outfit and feeling like 100% confident. I love looking through Pinterest or Instagram and planning out my outfits in my head.

Like I said, I do not claim to be an expert on any of these subjects, but they are things I care about and enjoy. Look out for posts about all of these things in the future!

Until next time… CB

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