These are a Few of my Favorite… Places to Shop

One of the biggest transitions for me when I started my new job was getting dressed every day. Now I know that probably sounds silly, but I am being 110% serious. In college my uniform was leggings, a tee-shirt and a ball cap. Then I got my first post-grad job on a college campus and mastered what I call casual-cute (basically I could still wear jeans every day).  So I went from that, to having to dress business-casual (a.k.a. no jeans and a tee-shirt) every day. Big change.

Actually having to put thought into what I wore was a much bigger adjustment than I ever thought it would be, both mentally and financially. Luckily, I was able to find a few basics (that didn’t cost me a fortune) that allow me to get dressed, feel confident and not think too much. Most of my shopping is done at three stores: Old Navy, Express and J.Crew Factory.  Before I moved to Memphis, Nordstrom was also a staple. Unfortunately, the closest Nordstrom is now three hours from me which made it drop off the list.

Old Navy

Fast and affordable fashion. I hate spending a lot of money on items that I feel like won’t be in style in a year. This is where Old Navy (and a couple other places) come in. While Old Navy is by no means the trendiest store, it does have good pieces that will last you a year or two. Most recently, I am obsessed with their Pintuck Swing Dresses. I think I own this dress in five different patterns. I also love their pixie pants and fashion tops.


Professional, simple basics. This is where I go when I need basic items for work, but want them to have a bit of a twist. Because I do not have to wear a suit to work, I stay away from stiff collared shirts and slacks. Express has great blouses that look professional, but are more stylish than the traditional collared shirt. A couple of my favorites are here and here.

J. Crew Factory

Higher quality and simple basics. I love J. Crew Factory because it offers the same style as J. Crew, but at a fraction of the cost. The pieces are good quality and last a long time. I love their classic pieces that never go out of style. They have great suiting pieces like thisthis and this, that can be used as a suit or mixed with other, more casual, pieces. I also love their skirts; they have a great selection at a great price.


Next week I am going to talk more about my five go to pieces (four of which are from the above stores) that I wear to work. Until next time… CB

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