My Five Go To Work Wear Items

A couple weeks ago I talked about my favorite places to shop affordably in this post. Having go-to pieces from those places to wear to work quickly became a necessity to me. It was also necessary that these items all worked together to make getting dresses easy. So here we go, here are my five go-to work items.

Old Navy Pixie Pants

These are an absolute must for me. Normally they only cost $34.95 and Old Navy is always running sales where you can get them for less. They are so incredibly comfortable, come in a million colors, still look professional and are pretty durable. Plus you can dress the pants up or down depending on what you wear with them. You can buy them here, or similar here, here and here.

J. Crew Sidewalk Skirt

For me, this is like the skirt version of the pixie pants. In general, I LOVE Factory J. Crew’s skirt selection and am able to find a lot of great options at decent prices (a little more pricey than Old Navy, but they also run sales constantly). This skirt is great because it is also versatile and can be dressed up and down depending on what you wear it with. Plus, it is incredibly comfortable and lasts forever. You can find them here.


Express Silky V-Neck Blouse

If you couldn’t already tell, I am all about comfort and ease when it comes to my wardrobe. When I find something I like, I tend to buy it in multiple colors. This blouse is my go to for tops, much like the Pixie Pants of Sidewalk Skirt. You can find this blouse here and similar here, here and here.

Shift Dress

I love a simple dress because it is only one thing I have to put on my body and can be accessorized to make different looks. I like shift dresses specifically because they look professional, but you can still move in them. My favorite shift dress was purchased from Marshalls quite a while ago. Luckily, you can find similar dresses here, here and here.


Nude Flats and Heels

I love nude shoes because they go with virtually anything. I have three pairs of shoes that I rotate through on a weekly basis. One pair of basic flats, one pair of pointy-toe pumps and one pair of nude strappy sandal heels. Shoes are one of the things that I will spend a little more money on (read do not buy them from Target) because I want them to last and I hadn’t had luck with cheaper options in the past.  My favorite of flats are no longer in stock, but these and these are similar.  My favorite strappy sandals are Steve Madden (similar here and here) and the pumps are Jessica Simpson (similar here and here).

What are some of your go-to items? Until next time… CB

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