Milwaukee in A Few Hours

Recently I visited a place I can’t say I ever thought I would visit… Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My job requires that I travel on a very regular basis and to a lot of places I would not normally  go, including Milwaukee. And while I was not excited for the very cold temperatures that are normally associated with Wisconsin, I ended up LOVING my time in the city. Plus I packed a lot of stuff into like 4 hours of inconsecutive free time…

Where I Ate

Blue’s Egg: When I was trying to find a place to eat breakfast online approximately eight million options popped up. I ended up going with Blue’s because the menu looked interesting and delicious. I. Was. Not. Disappointed. The restaurant was packed, but because I was by myself I was able to sit at the bar and not wait. If you are going with a group, expect to wait at least thirty minutes. But trust me, the wait is worth it. The women sitting next to me suggested the Hoppel Poppel, and after eating 1.5 bites I could tell why. I wish I could have this meal everyday for the rest of my life… it was that good.

Nehring’s Family Market (not pictured because I forgot): Nehrigh’s is actually inside of the Milwaukee Public Market in the Historic Third Ward district of Milwaukee. Because it is the middle of the market, they are pretty no-nonsense, but their food is pretty wonderful. Its delicious and filling and the perfect option for getting you through a long day of traveling (a.k.a. I ate half for lunch and half for dinner on the plane…).


What I Did

Milwaukee Art Museum: If you couldn’t already tell from my other posts, I am a sucker for a good museum. Unfortunately, this museum is way bigger than I had time for so I only got to see a small portion of it. From what I did see, I was not disappointed. While I was there, the museum was running an “Art in Bloom” event where artists created floral arrangements based on a particular painting… the results were magnificent.

Veteran’s Park: The park is right next to the Milwaukee Art Museum and is a great place to go for a run or long walk. Unfortunately, it was raining the day I was there and my walk was cut way too short. Regardless, the park was beautiful and had an awesome view of the city.

Milwaukee Public Market: I stopped by the market for lunch during my trip and naturally had to do a loop around the whole thing before deciding what to eat. Couldn’t make a rash decision, could I? The whole market is filled with local venders and a million different food options. They also have a cool upstairs section where you can stop and eat. I also had to resist with every fiber of my being the many dessert options…

Mitchell Park Conservatory: I initially was not planning on visiting the conservatory, but had an extra half hour to kill and this was consistently listed as a place to visit when looking up things to do in Milwaukee. The domes, that’s what their called apparently, are definitely cool, but meant for kids. So, if you are traveling with little ones, I definitely recommend this stop! If you are an adult by yourself, you can probably skip it.

Where I Stayed

I stayed at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center and Oh. My. Gosh. This hotel was amazing! The inside of the hotel was absolutely beautiful and reminded me of a hotel that is in a movie set in the 1940s. The rooms were huge and had all of the necessities. The hotel had more than one bar and restaurant and a Starbucks. Plus, it was in a great location. It was close to the airport, attractions and wonderful restaurants. If I ever go back to Milwaukee, you know where I am booking a room!

All in all, my first trip to Wisconsin was a success. The food was delicious, the people were nice and there were museums, meaning Catie was a happy camper. Until next time… CB

6 thoughts on “Milwaukee in A Few Hours

  1. Nice photos Thanks for posting them it makes me feel home when I’m not even from there but I had live there for around 3 years few years ago. I miss it so much. So glad you like it is a nice place to visit!

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      1. Question for you, I’m new to the WordPress blogging platform, and would like to share your blog with our We Choose Food group on Facebook, if you don’t mind. I think everyone would appreciate the read. But I don’t understand how to share it. When I click the share link it only gives me the option to share on my WordPress account. Would you happen to know what I would need to do?


      2. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, there should be a circular Facebook icon that allows you to share the post on Facebook. Once you click that, there is an dropdown menu at the top that allows you to share it in a specific group! I hope that helps!


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