12 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

It’s April and Spring is in the air and so are super cute clothes all over the place. Hands down, spring is my favorite type of the year for clothes. It’s not too hot and not too cold, so the options are endless. I can wear pants one day, a dress the next and shorts the day after. My closet loves this time of year and my wardrobe hates it… I rounded up my favorite pieces for this spring, so check it out below!

  1. Old Navy Off-The-Shoulder Cutwork Top: It seems like you cannot walk more than two feet into any store without running into an off-the-shoulder top lately. And I am not complaining. They are effortless, but can be dressed up or down easily based on where you are going. I like this one in particular because it is so simple but has fun details on the sleeves. I love the little cutouts! Plus a simple white off-the-shoulder top seems like a closet staple these days. 
  2. J. Crew Off-The-Shoulder Striped Top: In keeping with the off-the-shoulder trend, I love this top for its simplicity. It doesn’t have any crazy interesting details, but it is comfortable and looks good with a variety of bottoms. The material is lightweight and could easily be worn in the summer as well. I guess I just cant pass up a striped top… Plus it looks great with the white J. Crew jeans from this post!
  3. Francesca’s Off-The-Shoulder Ruffle Top: I swear this is the last of the off-the-shoulder tops… But really. I love this one because it can so easily be dressed up. I nice pair of dark wash jeans, a pair of wedges and you are ready for a night on the town with friends or date night. The embroidery details are absolutely beautiful and I love that the pattern is simple yet stunning.
  4. Old Navy Ruffle Sleeve Blouse: I initially bought this blouse for work, but quickly realized it was way more versatile than I originally thought. It looks great with black or tan dress pants at the office and great with white jeans or shorts for a more casual look. It is also a more simple blouse that makes accessorizing a breeze… which I am super bad at.
  5. Old Navy Pintuck Swing Dress: This was the first spring item I picked up for work. In general, this dress style from Old Navy is one of my favorites because it is comfortable but still looks nice. This one is sleeveless which makes it the perfect day to night dress for spring. Plus, the pattern is adorable! 
  6. J. Crew white jeans: When I moved to Memphis about two years ago, I somehow lost my favorite pair of white jeans. I still had a destroyed pair, but unfortunately I am not able to wear those to the office. So, I was super excited when I tried this pair on from J. Crew. They fit perfectly, where incredibly comfortable and the inseam was short enough that I did not have to get them tailored. MAJOR score!
  7. Old Navy Wide Leg Pant: The ultimate goal of a vast majority of wardrobe is to be comfortable. These plants five stars in that goal. They are SO comfortable. I feel like I could wear them to bed if I really wanted to. Obviously I don’t do that, but just saying. I love wearing these with my white off-the-shoulder top and a simple pair of flats!
  8. Mossimo causal shorts: This is another purchase that was made out of my love for comfort. These shorts are amazing and also feel a little bit like I am wearing pajamas. They are a great shade of navy blue that allows them to be worn with virtually everything. Pair them with a off-the-shoulder top from Francesca’s and you are golden!
  9. BP. Decker Lace Up Sandals: The minute I saw these sandals at Nordstrom, I was in love. They are the greatest shade of tan and as a result go with basically everything. I also love the heel height; tall enough to be worn out to dinner or out with friends, but low enough to be work out while running errands. They are also extremely comfortable (as in I have worn them for an eight-hour work day, then out to dinner and a show with friends).
  10. Old Navy slip-on sandal: I normally get a new pair of sandals (sometimes two…) every year because I wear them out each summer from wearing them so much. I saw these at Old Navy and loved that they were slip-on sandals rather than one with a strap on the back. I also loved the color of the leather and the fact that like ten outfits popped into my head the minute I saw them… 
  11. J. Crew beaded tassel earrings: So I will admit that I am not great with accessorizing. I always mean to, but then I forget before I leave the house. Even though I am super forgetful on this front, I ALWAYS have earrings on. I don’t know how I can always remember this one detail, but it’s like I feel naked without them. With that being said, I tend to buy earrings way more than any other type of jewelry. When I saw these beauties, there was no turning back.
  12. J. Crew wide-brim straw hat: Another accessory I love are hats, even if I forget to put them on sometimes. I have a little hat gallery in my apartment and it is one of my favorite things about my apartment. I have been wanting a big sun hat for a while and this one had me instantly.



My favorite thing about all of these items is that they go together so well! You can mix and match a create a bunch of different outfits depending on where you are going.

Old Navy Off-The-Shoulder Cutwork Top // J. Crew Off-The-Shoulder Striped Top // Francesca’s Off-The-Shoulder Ruffle Top // Old Navy Ruffle Sleeve Blouse // J. Crew white jeans // Old. Navy Wide Leg Pants // Mossimo casual shorts // Old Navy Sleeveless Pintuck Swing Dress // Decker Lace Up Sandals // Old Navy slip on sandals // J. Crew beaded tassel earrings // J. Crew wide-brim straw hat

What are some of your favorite items for the spring? Let me know in the comments! Until next time… CB

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