My Relationship With Fitness

Me and fitness have an on-again, off-again relationship. Sometimes we are on great terms and see each other all the time, and others I am scared to go within ten feet of a scale. Lately, I have not wanted to go within ten feet of my scale.

When I was in college, living in the heart of the silicon valley of California, it was so incredibly easy to eat healthy and stay fit. It is just the lifestyle there… People are so active; always out hiking, running, biking and so on. And (basically) no matter where you go to eat, there are always healthy options. Quinoa and kale galore. I was that person when I lived there. I ate my superfood salads on the reg, ran every morning and hiked every week. And I felt GOOD. I loved my body and felt good in it. And for someone that struggled with their weight for a long time, that was a good feeling.

Then I moved to the south. A place where quinoa and kale are foreign concepts. Hiking is impossible because the land is flat. Instead of eating superfoods, you have tons of butter, gravy and barbecue (so. much. barbecue.). Instead of morning runs, you have long afternoons sitting on patios. But honestly, these are all just excuses.

I moved and became complacent and made excuses. I stopped taking care of myself and I can tell. My skin breaks out more easily and more often. My clothes are a little tighter than they should be. I can barely go for a run without feeling like I am going to die. And I donโ€™t even want to know what would happen if I tried to do some of the hikes I used to.

Nothing can change my circumstances, except me. If I want to feel better in my body, I have to put the work in. I need to eat healthier. I need to avoid my favorite sugary snacks. I need to exercise more. I need to walk to the grocery store instead of drive. I need to take the stairs whenever possible. I need to put the work in.

And I am going to, which is why I am writing this. If I put this journey out there into the world, there is an extra layer of accountability. I want to do this for me. But having a little extra support never hurts. Until next timeโ€ฆ CB

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