Music City U.S.A. and a Tourist

One of the greatest gifts my move to Memphis gave me, was the ability to travel to some many places without having to get on a plane. Being from California, you can drive for nine hours and still be in the same state. Now I can drive twenty minutes in one direction or twenty minutes in another direction and be in two different states. And I am so close to so many cities. Three hours from Nashville. Three and a half hours from Birmingham. Four hours from St. Louis. five hours from Atlanta. Six hours from New Orleans and the list goes on. By far one of my favorite places to visit is Nashville. The vibe of the city is beyond amazing and there is so much to do. today I decided to talk about some of my favorite things to do in the city.

Walk the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge: Maybe this isn’t so much something to do, as it is a nice morning stroll or jog. But you did get one of my favorite views of the city. You look one way and get an awesome view of downtown. Look the other way is a great view of Nissan Stadium. Look another way and you get a beautiful view of the Cumberland River.  I honestly had no idea this was even something that Nashville had until I visited for the first time, but once I saw that view it quickly became a favorite spot. Now I visit every time I am in the city. It is not a long walk/run but it does make you feel a little better about all of the food you will undoubtedly eat while in the city of Nashville.


Visit the Johnny Cash Museum: I feel like I have to put at least one museum on every travel post I write at this point… I have to admit that I am be a bit biased on this one though. I am from Folsom, CA, as in where the Live at Folsom Prison album was recorded, and basically the only reason people know my hometown exists is because of this album. So I felt obligated (read way more excited than I should ever admit to) to visit this museum…  Now, anytime I am showing someone around the city, I visit the museum because it is just that awesome.


Take a backstage tour of the Grande Ole Opry House or the Ryman: Both the tour of the Ryman and the Opry House are an amazing experience and you can feel the history of country music seeping into you as you take the tour. Even the most in depth, eloquent post would be able to describe how amazing it is to see these two venues behind the scenes. Even if you aren’t a country music fan, it is easy to appreciate these landmarks. The only reason I suggest doing one or the other, is because tours aren’t super cheap. If you don’t mind spending some money, do both. You won’t regret it.


Explore Lower Broadway: Most of my coworkers have been to Nashville at least once, seeing as we only live three hours away. The one thing every single one of them told me to check out was Broadway. To me, this little (big?) neighborhood of Nashville embodies a lot of what the city is about. Great music, great vibes and great food. Any bar you walk into at pretty much any time of day will have some pretty great country music. There are also some really great restaurants in the area, but more on that later.


Visit The Hermitage:  The last time I visited Nashville I was there with my parents and we debated between going to the Hermitage and Belle Meade plantation. The Hermitage ultimately won because my parents are big American history buffs. The tour is self guided but comes with audio you can listen to and you definitely learn a lot. If you want to be able to see all of the grounds, plan to be there for a couple of hours and bring your walking shoes.

The Hermitage


Go for a run at Centennial Par: This park is absolutely beautiful and the perfect place to go for a morning run. I have a friend that is born and raised in Nashville and she suggested stopping this park on my first trip to the city. At first I was a little confused because I figured it was like any other park… There is a beautiful pond, great walking paths and of course the Parthenon.


I love food with all my heart, which is probably why I eat my way through every city I visit. Nashville is no exception to this and don’t think I forgot about the food. Check back in a couple of weeks for my favorite food spots in Music City. Until next time… CB

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