So What’s Up Catie? An Update on My Life

So, I’ve been away a while (48 days to be exact) and I am going to try to stop with the  hiatuses. I have talked about my crazy work travel schedule in previous blogs. Well, that combined with a bunch of personal travel and a hectic personal life have resulted in no time to work on my sweet little blog. In all reality, there will be another hiatus at some point, but I swear I am trying to avoid that. Even when I am not able to post here, I try to keep my Instagram and Twitter updated, so check those out.

I realized that when things get crazy I cut certain things (normally working on the blog and exercise) out right away to make room for other things (normally crazy work hours, sleeping and cleaning). But what I also realized is that the things I cut first are actually the things that bring me the most joy and help keep me sane during the crazy. So here are a few updates on my life…

My Travel World.

I had the privilege of doing a BUNCH of personal travel in the last few months. I visited my sweet (northern) California twice, where I was able to make stops at all of my favorite places. I also visited New York for the first time in years and got to see one of my bestest friends from college (shout out to Shelby). Because she doesn’t live in the city, we were able to cram so much into my few days in the area. Lastly, I was able to visit New Orleans, LA for the first time. Apart from getting super dehydrated, the trip was an amazing time with some amazing friends (shout out to Katie and Sara). I absolutely loved each of these trips for much different reasons. I am so excited to talk about them in the coming weeks! And I swear those posts are actually coming because I already wrote them…

My Work World.

On top of all of my personal travel, I had a crazy hectic work schedule. I made work trips to Detroit, Atlanta and Phoenix all within about a month of each other while I was also going on my personal trips. On top of that, we were preparing for our biggest event of the year and training our traveling consultants, so they can begin their own travels in August. All of this made for a non-existent work-life balance. Luckily, I work with two of my very best friends and actually enjoy my job, so that makes long hours and no weekends more worth it.

My Fitness World.

An update to this post on my on-again, off-again relationship with fitness. In short, the relationship continues to be on-again, off-again. I realized that I am genuinely happier with my life when I am able to incorporate at least a little bit of exercise into my life each day, specifically first thing in the morning. While I am still not back to my old super health conscious ways, I do think I am on my way there. I have made it a point to be active for at least 20 minutes a day. Which may not seem like much, but you got to start somewhere, right? I noticed that I get the most off track when I travel because my schedule is always thrown off. I am still trying to figure out how to motivate myself to make the time when I travel, so I put the question out there to you. How do you motivate yourself to exercise when you travel?

My Personal World.

Let’s start with the biggest change that has already happened and that there was a death in my family about a month ago. It was so incredibly shocking and something that I still have not fully processed. It was so sudden and so out of the blue, that accepting it has been really hard. What has been even harder, has been being so far from my whole family while all of this is going on. I have a huge Italian family and we stick together when things like this happen. I couldn’t do that. I was 2,000 miles away and didn’t have the ability to get home to them for more than one reason. How do you accept something and support others, when you are not there? I had never truly questioned living so far away until this happened, now I don’t know how I hadn’t questioned it sooner. It short, I have a lot to think about.

The other big life change that is about to happen is my two closest friends in Memphis are both moving away within the next month. One is only moving a quick plane ride away to North Carolina, but the other is going all the way to Hawaii (can’t really blame her for wanting to make that move). I know these are friends that I will remain close to regardless of distance, but the thought of not having my go to baseball buddy or closest confidents in Memphis, is a hard pill to swallow. For now I am taking advantage of our final weeks all living in the same place and avoiding the thought of them actually leaving.

So what’s next?

So what is next for me, in this crazy life of mine. I am taking a break from travel for the next month or so (I’ll be revealing my fall travel plans in a couple weeks). I just need to spend some time in the city that I actually live in. I want to spend as much time with my two besties before they leave and give my wallet a break from the constant hotel and airline purchases. I am going to focus more on my health and exercise. I am hoping to use this time to get back to my old health nut ways; get back into the meal prep rhythm and get into an exercise routine. I am also going to focus on my blog more and finally publish posts about all of the traveling I have been doing.


As always, until next time friends… CB

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