Happy One Year and One Big Change

It has been exactly one year since I started my blog. Granted, it took me about six months to start posting more regularly and even longer to feel like I am in a good rhythm.  Even now I struggle with balancing my job, the blog, family, friends, and everything else in my life. I started the blog as a creative outlet and I want to make sure it stays that way and does not become a burden. So far, posting irregularly has been what has allowed me to not feel like the blog as a burden. Looking back on the past year, here are a few thoughts and things I have learned…

I found my love for writing again. I studied communications in college for a reason and one of the main reasons was that I enjoy writing. After I graduated the most writing I did revolved around work emails, which isn’t exactly what I enjoy writing. Having the opportunity to write about things I actually care about and choose to write about has allowed me to find my love for writing again. I have also been able to hone the topics I enjoy writing about the most and have moved the blog in that direction.

I will never be an editor in any form of fashion. I love writing, editing is a different story. This has been and will probably will always be one of my greatest weaknesses. I am an awful speller and pretty much suck at grammar. So this has been the biggest challenge of the past year. I am getting better as I do it more and more, but still can pretty much count editing out as a potential career.

I enjoy photography, even if I am not very good at it. And I don’t mean talking selfies of me in front of random things (even if I have gotten better at that). I love taking pictures of the places I visit and trying to get shots that adequately capture the experience I am currently having. I love finding that perfect shot that I could stare at for hours after I take it. One of my goals for the next year is to hone this skill even more (I will be talking about more goals in my post next week).

I am aware of and understand the brand I am creating for myself. This is something that is so important to me. I don’t want to create something that is not true to who I actually am. This doesn’t mean that I am going to share every detail of my life, but I want to make sure the posts I am writing and the content I am creating is true to who I am or who I want to be. That’s why I have strayed away from a lot of fashion content, increased content about my travels and have plans to talk more about how to travel on a budget and recipes that I love. I want to make sure I don’t look back on content and regret posting it.

 Blogging is A LOT of work. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect to start a blog and it be an instant success, but I didn’t realize the depth of work that goes into creating, publishing and promoting one post to a blog. I realize that I can just write and publish posts without all of the other fluff and for the foreseeable future, that is probably going to be what’s happening more often than not. What I liked about the idea of the blog is writing, I don’t necessarily need all of the other stuff to feel like I am doing a good job.

Now for the big change…. I am changing the name of my blog! When I first started this I thought I would be talking a lot more about my life as a young professional trying to navigate the non-profit corporate world for the first time. But I quickly realized that what I liked writing about was my travel. That was what got me excited and what I consistently liked to post about. Once I realized this, I started to feel like the name didn’t really match what I wanted my blog to be about. So, the blog’s new name will be…

Adventures of Catie-Marie

Because that is what this is about for me. Talking to others about my adventures. My adventures to new places. My journey with fitness. My experiences in the work place. I am talking about the adventure of my life, my passions, my hardships, my mistakes, my successes and so much more.

The re-branded blog, with its new name will go live tomorrow morning! Until next time, friends… CB

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