All (or some) of the Good Eats in Memphis

So I realized that I hardly ever post about Memphis, which is pretty ironic because I live here. So I decided I need to start sharing some of my Memphis favorites with you beautiful people. This week we are talking about some of my favorite restaurants, because one of the things I love about Memphis is all of the great places to eat. Now these are all of the places I love to go if I want a good hearty meal, meaning health food is not on the menu… Or it is, but that so isn’t what you should order.

The Commissary: My FAVORITE barbecue in the city of Memphis. I am pretty sure everyone that lives here has an opinion on this and some would probably disagree with me, but no one will ever change my mind. They have the BEST barbecue nachos and I could eat their sausage and cheese platter for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The also have a great pulled pork sandwich and some of the best banana pudding I’ve ever eaten. 

Babalu Tapas & Tacos: Now I will admit I never thought I would find a place to get good tacos in Memphis, but I stood corrected after my first trip to Babalu. The carne de cerdo and carnitas tacos are my absolute favorite. The meat is mouthwatering and the sauce, slaw and cheese perfectly compliment them. Also, they make your gauc table side. And it’s delicious.

Local Gastropub: There are two Locals in Memphis; one downtown and one in midtown. They are both great and both have a great vibe. I joke around with friends that I feel cooler when I leave Local. The food is also AMAZING! I really like cheesy (so sorry for all of the cheesy recommendations), so the truffle mac & cheese is a fav. But my go to is the grilled cheese and tomato soup combo. It is a combination that is just good for the soul.

Lafayette’s Music Room: If you want to listen to great music any night of the week, this is the place to visit in Memphis. They have three acts a day on Friday/Saturday and one to two acts the other days a week and normally ALL of the acts are great! The food is also fantastic! Their Cajun Crawdad pizza and the midtown mac-n-cheese with blackened chicken are my absolute favorites, but realistically everything is amazing… Plus, their staff is so, so, so incredibly friendly and helpful!

Young Avenue Deli: Young Ave is one of the most chill places to go for a bite to eat in Memphis. They have a patio, live music, pool tables and a super long drink menu. Basically any time of the day you are bound to have a good, chill time. They also have my  FAVORITE sweet potato fries. Eat them with their ranch and game. changed. Plus all of their sandwiches are bomb dot come, but some favorites are the Sam I Am and Sonoma Sandwich.

Aldo’s Pizza Pies: Hands down my favorite pizza place in Memphis. Their pizza is tasty, filling and affordable; so all of my favorite things. I love white pizza with all my heart. If you don’t know, white pizza doesn’t use the traditional red sauce and instead ops for a olive oil, ricotta and mozzarella combo. Some people don’t like it, but I am not one of those people. And Aldo’s has a great white pizza, which is sometimes hard to find. They also have a pizza called The Memphis that has barbecue pork on it. I didn’t think a more perfect combination existed and Aldo’s proved me wrong. Bow down.

Clearly I like good hearty food (and cheese) and Memphis great for that. One thing that is a bit harder to do in Memphis is eat healthy and clean, so I will be sharing my guide to healthy eating in Memphis in the next couple of weeks! Until next time, friends… CB

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