Sweet, Sweet Seattle

Welp. It has been a full two months since I moved to Seattle, which is still a bit hard for me to wrap my head around. For so long, moving to Seattle was a goal, a dream, but always felt just out of grasp. When I visited Seattle for the first time almost three years ago, I knew it was a place that I could live and wanted to live. I had recently graduated from college and was in full job search mode. The minute I got back from my trip, I turned the whole focus of my search to Seattle. Obviously at the time, a move to Seattle was not in the cards. So instead I moved to sweet Memphis.

I’m not going to talk about my time in Memphis, because that is sooo two days ago (but seriously, you should still check out that post, right here). But my time in Memphis, has made my move to Seattle that much sweeter. It has made me appreciative to live in a place that I want to live, rather than in a place I lived in out of circumstance. Any who, here are the three things that I have learned or remembered since the big move back to the West Coast.

Packing, unpacking and physically moving still sucks.

This one should come as no shocker. But real talk. This move made me want to stay put for at least five years so I don’t have to deal with that crud again. This time around I was trying to go for easy and convenient, which sort of happened.

I decided to use basically a pod company, which shall remain nameless. I was like great, all I have to do is pack all my crap into boxes and that’s it. Well that is sort of the truth and would definitely have worked better if I had it together. My movers get to my old apartment on moving day and I am like great, lets do this. They get everything loaded into my pod (which by the way looks tiny and I have no idea how so much stuff fit) and take it away.

Well, I hadn’t actually finished packing prior to the movers getting there because I had two big suitcases and one small suitcase that I could fit the rest of my stuff in. Long story short, I am a super bad judge of space. So I start packing up the suitcases and there is no way the rest of my crap is going to fit. Here is where I remember that the pod won’t actually leave Memphis for a couple of days and I’m like great I can just bring the extra stuff and put it in the pod.

Here’s where things get interesting. I go to the location where my pod is supposed to be and it is not there. Cue Catie-Marie freaking out because basically all of her worldly possessions are in that pod. It is also like 95 degrees outside with 80% humidity, so I am already tired and hot and now I am also panicking. It then took the company a solid twenty minutes to figure out where my sweet pod is. They finally do and I move locations. I get to the place where my pod is supposed to be and they can’t find it. Remember the panicking? Oh ya, that continued at this point.  FINALLY, they find the stinking pod and I put my extra crap in it. Moral of this part of the story? Be more organized and pack EVERYTHING before the movers get to your apartment.

Now, fast forward almost two weeks. I had finished my last day at my old job. Moved out of my old apartment. And was visiting my parents in California before the big move. I wake up and am about to go run errand with the momma and I get an email that my pod has JUST shipped from Memphis. Now mind you, I am supposed to be arriving in Seattle the next day and my stuff is supposed to get there the day after that. I call the company, thinking this has got to be a mistake. I get on the phone with a customer service representative who is confused at life, they transfer me. That person also a confused pup, transfers me again. I end up talking to EIGHT people. Finally, I start talking with Mattis. At this point, Mattis is my favorite person on planet earth because her actually figures out what is happening and doesn’t transfer me. Turns out, nope not a mistake and my stuff won’t arrive for another week. But my BFF, Mattis figures out a way, by the grace of God, to get my crap to me within the next couple of days. The only bad news, is I apparently didn’t book moving helpers for when my stuff got to Seattle. So guess who got to move all of her furniture and boxes into her new place by herself? You guessed right, this girl (insert girl with hand raised emoji)!

All of this to say, something will always go wrong while moving. Roll with the punches. It’ll work out eventually.


Exploring a new city and neighborhood is fun.

Once the stressful moving part is out of the way, the fun part starts. The part where you get to explore a new area, try new restaurants and find your favorites. Find your favorite bakery, your favorite jogging path, your favorite taco shop, your favorite book store. You get the picture. One of the things that has always helped me feel at home in a new place is having these go tos. Having the bakery that I can get a delicious cookie from on a bad day. Having a jogging path that can clear my head on the hardest of days. Having a taco shop that can satisfy even my snobby California taco standards.

To me, finding these things is my favorite part of moving. Every state, every city, every neighborhood has these little things that make it special and unique. Finding these little things is once of my favorite things to do. Even if Memphis wasn’t my long-term cup of tea, I still loved exploring and finding that great bakery and taco shop.

I am still just starting with this exploration of Seattle. And I have a feeling said exploration is going to take a while because Seattle has approximately a million and one amazing restaurants and coffee shops. So here’s to my wallet hating me and my stomach (hopefully) loving me. I am going to document all of the places I am trying, so check back in on that later 🙂


Moving to a new city is hard, regardless of where it is.

Here’s the real talk part of the blog, the real stuff, the stuff that I sometimes avoid talking about, the stuff that I recently made myself a promise to talk about. Moving, regardless of where, is hard. Not because your stuff might get lost. Not because you have to find a new taco shop. But, because you have to start over.

I was talking to someone not that long after I moved here who said to me, “All change is hard, because even if it is a good change, there is an element of loss.” I didn’t expect to miss Memphis as much as I have. Once I heard this, everything kind of snapped into perspective. Even if my time there wasn’t perfect, I had a great life. I had a fantastic support system, I got to travel, I had a job that I liked, I had a routine. All of this was jumbled when I moved.

So now, I am dealing with that loss, all while building a new life. Exploring a city and figuring out a routine. Adjusting to a new and very different job. Making new friends and finding that support system. Combine all of those factors and it can be hard. It can be lonely. It can be challenging. But it is also exciting. And a relatively good problem to have.


I know I will continue to learn and grow as this adventure continues. But for now, until next time friends… CMB

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