New York Trip, Part 4: New York, New York

So… I never got to finish this series because my move got in the way. But hey, better late than never, right? I am so excited to share the grand finale, the big shebang, the final countdown to this series that I started I couple months ago.  If you want to re-read those, her is Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 at your easy linked convenience.

If you couldn’t tell, I absolutely LOVED my time in New York a while back. Now that some time has passed, I am itching to go back to this beautiful city. I have never been the type of person that dreams about moving to New York, but after this trip I could definitely see the attraction and would be lying if the thought of a move to the Big Apple didn’t cross my mind. So let’s dive into the things that made me have a slight change in opinion and a couple of my favorite things I did while I was there…

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge: I felt like such a little tourist while I was doing this, or like I was trying to be in a coming of age movie that is set in New York, but I don’t even care.  The view of the Manhattan skyline when you get to Brooklyn is well worth any silly little touristy feeling you get while you are actually walking across the bridge. Dumbo is also a great little neighborhood with the coolest boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants. During my next trip, I definitely want to spend more time there!

See a Broadway Show:  Another must do of any New York trip. There are so many great options to choose from and even if you don’t go to your first choice, it is still a cool experience. Me and my friend chose to go to a matinee show to save some money. I highly recommend matinees, highly don’t recommend matinees on a week day. That show was middle school central. It was still cool though. Also, some shows (LIKE HAMILTON) have ticket lotteries that you can enter daily to win two tickets!! I didn’t win, but still recommend it. Ya never know.

Visit Times Square: Now I would really only suggest this if you have never been to the city before. It seems like it is kind of a rite of passage for visiting the city. Realistically, if you have seen it once you have probably seen it enough. Nevertheless, we made the stop when I visited and I am sure happy we did. It was Fleet Week while I was there and the USMC silent drill team and corp. band both performed while we happened to be there. So. Stinking. Cool.

Walk Central Park: As in I walked around Central Park for over two hours one morning and wished I could have stayed longer. This was the one activity I was absolutely adamant about when planning my trip. I wanted to spend a good bit of time in the park. I don’t know what it is exactly, but just walking through all of the different sections just relaxes me. I never see this coming off my NY to do list…

Eat all of the good food and drink all of the drinks: I feel like this is a ”no duh” to do in the great city of New York, but I feel like it still needs to be said. New York is a foodies paradise. It doesn’t just have everything, but has a bunch of options for everything. This time around I had a lot of NY style pizza because for some reason I was craving it ALL weekend. We also went to a great Irish pub and I was in straight up heaven.

I am starting to think this trip needs to be an annual thing because I don’t think my travel bug is going away anytime soon. Until next time friends…CMB

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