Fitness Update – Week One

So here is my first update after my first official week on the fitness train. All in all it went okay; not great but also not terrible. The week was not the best I could have done, but I am thinking of it as a good start. Overall, the week had ebbs and flows. There were a couple of days where I just felt like a blob (for lack of a better term) and didn’t want to do anything (including cooking). What I decided, is sometimes we have blob days and that is okay. But instead of letting one blob day ruin the whole week, let it mess with that day then bounce back. But lets talk about how things went.

Meal Plan

I actually did a fairly good job at sticking to the meal plan yesterday. I did end up switching around a couple of meals, because we just ended up feeling like tacos sounded more appetizing than salad. I also ended up ordering in one day because we just did not feel like cooking (this was my blob day). The weekend was also not as perfect as I could have been, but there was really only 1 meal that I went really rouge. What can I say, I really wanted a burger.

I followed this recipe fairly closely for the tacos pictured above. I did switch out the greek yogurt for coconut yogurt to make the recipe dairy free, but other than that everything is the same! And it was delicious! I am planning to share my recipe for overnight oats soon and the shrimp dinner shown above ๐Ÿ™‚



This is were I didn’t do as good as I would have liked. Last Monday, I twisted my ankle when I was on a walk during my lunch break. It hurt pretty bad for the next few days, so I had to stick to walks rather than actual runs. Then, on Thursday I stubbed my toe so bad I thought I broke it. I didn’t but, I did still hurt it incredibly bad. So there went a couple more days of being out of commission. On Sunday I went for a fairly long walk and while my toe did hurt, it could have been a lot worse. I think by tomorrow I will be back in action and ready to run.

Next Week

My plan for next week is to continue to stick to the meal plan, allowing for concessions where needed. Where I really want to focus my attention is the exercise portion of the program. My goal is to exercise every day this week, to make up for some of the lack of exercise last week.

This weeks meal and workout plan:

Meal Plan 8:6

So this is how it is going. Not the best start, but I am not going to let that get me down. This week is a new week and I am going to kick its butt. Until next time, friends… CMB


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