Fitness Update – Week 2

Hi there friends and happy Monday! Once you’re reading this, I’ll be in Ann Arbor, Michigan for work and busy as can be. Check out my Instagram stories to keep up to date on that trip! Any who, we are back in action with my week 2 update.


Again, I did moderately well here. I am still slipping up and making mistakes, but am trying not to let those things set me back. I did really well Monday-Friday; I stuck to my plan, didn’t snack excessively and made healthy choices everywhere I could. The weekend is where I slipped up a bit more than I would have liked. Saturday was just bad all around. I didn’t do a good job at making healthy choices, but did try to turn that around on Sunday.

Fitness Week 2.JPG


Exercise was okay again today. I worked out 4/7 days this past week and still tried to get out and be active on the other days. While I didn’t meet my goal for this last week, but did something I found to be even more important and listened to my body. The reason I skipped a couple workouts was because I was extremely sore from previous workouts and was concerned that I would injure myself if I continued to push. For me, this was a big change. In the past, I would push and push and push and it would end up hurting me in the end.

This Week

This week is going to be an interesting one. It’ll be the first week since I have been on my fitness journey that I will be traveling for. Not only that, but I am traveling for the next two weeks straight. So rather than putting a meal plan together (because I really don’t know what food will be available), I am going to try to figure out healthy alternatives on the go. For example, I know I will probably end up having Starbucks for breakfast each morning. So instead of going for a sugary drink and breakfast sandwich, I will go for sous vide egg bites or oatmeal and a skinny latte. The same principal would be applied to lunch and dinner. Go for a salad, chicken and veggies or protein bowl instead of a burger. In terms of fitness, my goal is to just get at least 45 minutes of exercise a day. The hotel I am staying at has a fitness center, so this should be fairly easy to do!

Until next time, friends… CMB


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