The Perfect Fall Day

Everyone talks about Seattle summers. About the perfect weather and sunny blue skies. The perfect days on the lake; boating, swimming and paddle boarding. Basking in the sun while laying in the grass of a luscious park. Don’t get me wrong, that is all great. I love going on long walks along Lake Washington and watching the sunset from Alki Beach.

But, there is something about the fall in Seattle. The air gets crisper. The sunsets get prettier. The rain comes back, but only in spurts. Football is back. Pumpkins and apples are ready for picking. And you can finally order that hot cup of coffee without overheating.

Pumpkin Patch4

So when we finally had a weekend to breathe, during a very busy second half of the year, we decided to take advantage….

Pike Place Market

We started off with a trip to our favorite little (read very popular) bakery in Pike Place Market. We walked around and looked at local artists. We smelled all of the beautiful flowers.

Pumpkin Patch1

Then we were off to the pumpkin patch. A smile crept over my face as we pulled into the massive pumpkin patch just north of Seattle. I am crazy about the holidays, but my sweet fiancé isn’t quite as in to them. So, I was extra thankful that we was willing to go with me.

Pumpkin Patch8

We picked up our wheel-barrow and trekked our way down to the pumpkins. As we looked far and wide, we found our perfect little pumpkins. Then it was time to make the trek back up to the cute little pumpkin shop. We looked at the massive pumpkins at the front, found some yummy spiced cider and considered getting a couple fall flavored donuts.

Then it was time to make the drive home. It was a beautiful day and we weren’t quite ready for the day to be over, so we decided to take the backroads. I took in the beautiful trees, whose leaves were starting to turn red, orange and yellow.

Pumpkin Patch5

When we got home, we still just hadn’t had enough fall activities. We had forgotten to get a pumpkin carving kit, so we carved them up with tools in our kitchen. The results were, admittedly, a little questionable. We drink hot spiced cider and watch Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown (reliving our childhoods).

Pumpkin Patch6

It was a great little day. It made we especially thankful for this great life that I live and excited me for the rest of the year. Until next time, friends… CMB

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