2018. What a year it was. Full of ups and downs. Some of the happiest times in my life but also some of the saddest. It is a year I can say I will honestly never forget. It was the year I fell in love. The year I lost someone dear to me. The year I found the job I always wanted. It was a big year. A huge year.

I kind of think about this year in two halves. The first being full of twists and turns, with low lows and a few highs too. The second being wonderful and full of happiness.


The start to my year was probably one of the weirdest points in my life. I constantly had such a mix of emotions. On the one hand I had this job that I was starting to think would not be a great fit long term. I was questioning my decision to move to Seattle. I hadn’t quite figured out my support system in the city. But, on the other hand, I was making friends. I found a great place to volunteer. I had this great new guy in my life. And I still loved Seattle for the city that it was.

The first half of my year continued much like it had started. I would have a great weekend with friends and my boo, then an awful week at work. Then I would have a great week at work and then feel so alone for a weekend. All of that on top of getting incredibly sick for over a month and loosing my grandpa. Rough; the only way I can accurately describe it.


Then, I realized something. Nothing in my life was going to change unless I changed it. Or at least put pieces in place that would open up opportunities for change. I knew there were some things I had no control over, like loosing my grandpa, but there were a whole lot of other things that I did have control over.

So I took control. Of my career. Of my my friendships. Of my happiness.


I am going to write a full post on my career change, but it really made all off of the difference for me. One of the things that I realized after taking charge of my career, was how much of a hit my confidence had taken in my previous role. Once I had made that small change, I was more confident in myself. More excited about seeing and doing things with friends. Exploring the city I love with my boo. And my overall happiness increased so much. Taking control of this one piece of my life, snowballed into so many things.


The second half of the year, for me, was amazing. I started traveling again for work and got to visit three new places. I got engaged to the love of my life. I started exercising again. I started to put more thought into what nutrients in my body. I found a great skin care routine. Most importantly, I entered 2019 in a place I was proud of.

Later this week I am going to post about my hopes and goals for 2019. Until next time, friends… CMB


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