Travel Goals.

I talk a lot about the places I have been and the places that I plan to go in a period of time, but I have never talked about what my ultimate travel goals are. I love traveling the United States and seeing all that our country has to offer. I talked more about this in this post (check it out here!). In fact a goal of mine is to visit all 50 states by the time I am 35 (that was originally 30, but life). But, I obviously also want to see countries and cultures outside of my own. I have another goal to visit five new countries in five years!

So far I have been to 32 states and will be visiting another 2 states (Maine and New Hampshire) within the next year! I am so excited about that trip; partly because it will knock two more states off my bucket list, but mostly because it is my honeymoon. The states I have left on the list are:

Alaska Maryland North Dakota Utah
Colorado Minnesota Ohio Vermont
Delaware Missouri South Carolina West Virginia
Kansas Montana South Dakota Wyoming

I decided I wanted to visit all 50 states a couple of years back, at the time I really did think I could do it. I was traveling a lot for work and because my job takes me to college campus all across the country, it seemed like an attainable goal. Now that I have been out of the travel game for about a year and travel for my job won’t be as intensive, it seemed a bit smarter to extend that sweet little time frame. I have a couple of road trips planned that’ll hit multiple states at one and I am SO excited about them.

I also have many, many, many places outside of the Unites States I hope to visit. Growing up, my mom also traveled for work. But instead of only traveling domestically, she traveled al over the world. I always loved it when she would come back from and show me pictures of these beautiful places, tell me about all of the scrumptious food she was able to try and wonderful people she met. Ever since, I have always been fascinated and intrigued by international travel.

Like I mentioned up above, at some point in the near future I want to do five international trips in five years. I have a co-worker that did this and turned me onto the idea. Ever since then I have been yearning for the chance to start on my own five in five adventure. I also want to make the most out of these five trips and go a variety of places; beaches, cities, different continents and more. She here is a break down of the five places I want to do visit during this five in five situation!

Montreal, Canada. Fun fact, the only time I have been out of the United States was to Mexico when I was in high school. So to start off all my international trips, I want to start slow with one that is a bit closer to home. As I started thinking about where would be the ideal location, I remembered all of the times my mom would tell me about her work trips to Montreal and show me the pictures. After a little more research, I knew this had to be my first stop.

St. Lucia. Another trip not too far from home, but a completely different experience. The Caribbean is somewhere I have wanted to so since I was in middle school and Pirates of the Caribbean came out (no judgement there, thank you). The tropics, the beaches, I just knew it needed to be on the list. Luckily, good old mom came into help again. She had recently gone on a cruise through the Caribbean and was able to see a lot of the islands. After talking with her about the trip, St. Lucia seemed like a great fit!

London, England & Edinburgh, Scotland. I know, I know, this is technically two locations. But has been my dream for a while to go on a long trip to explore England and Scotland. I want to rent a car and drive around. Explore the cities, the little towns, the countryside, the cliffs.

Italy. So, I get that Italy is a country and therefore this is also a bit of a cheat. But, I don’t think I could pick just one place in Italy to go. The most important place, though, would be where my family is from in Italy. That would be on the top of the list!

Phuket, Thailand. The last trip on the list and also probably the one that would challenge me the most. I have always wanted to visit Thailand after learning about how beautiful and relaxing it could be. The pictures pretty much hooked me the minute I saw them. But also the most challenging because how different the area is culturally to what I am used to and, of course, the language barrier.

What are your travel related hopes and dreams? Leave a comment and tell me about them! Until next time, friends… CM

One thought on “Travel Goals.

  1. Hi Catie-Marie! Wow, you’ve been to so many of the states! I’ve only been to 10 and even then I think that’s a lot. I love your list of international places to visit! They are also on my list as well. Looking forward to seeing your future travel blogs! ~travel safe.


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