The Not So Meet Cute

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about posting this. I do try to be open, but also still want parts of my life to be private. However, this is a story that is just so close to my heart that I want to share.

It was a cold and rainy late fall evening, much like most late fall evenings in Seattle. The days had gotten shorter and, for some reason, the traffic worse. It had taken me almost two hours to get home from work that day, leaving me with only ten minutes to get ready. I rushed to change and not look like a hot mess after work. I got in my car and racedย  the short drive to the restaurant. Parking was a mess, as always, and I ended up a few blocks away from the restaurant. The rush of all of this didn’t allow me much time to get nervous or excited for this first date.

As I walked those few blocks to the restaurant, my nerves started to kick in. Even though I had never met this man, I was excited and had this funny little feeling he was going to be special in some way. I get to the restaurant and decide to wait outside for him to arrive; traffic was bad for him as well. I wait two minutes, then five, then eight. I start panicking. I start thinking he stood me up and wasn’t coming. I go to call a friend (and go into freak out mode) and realize that he had texted me that he was inside at a table.

I rush into the restaurant and find the table he was sitting at. He stood up and greeted me; I couldn’t help but smile. He looked so handsome in his olive green sweater that made his eyes look like to little emeralds. He was so kind and accommodating. We ate yummy food, drank delicious wine, but most importantly couldn’t stop talking about anything under the sun. He told me about his recent trips to Scotland and Austin, TX. I told him about my time living in Memphis and how I was liking Seattle so far. We talked about our mutual love for wine. We talked about our favorite spots in Seattle and our families.

I left that date knowing my hunch from earlier was correct. I knew he was going to be special to me. I still didn’t know how, but I just knew.

This is where it all started. Everything I have now is because of this one interaction and I am so thankful for that. I am going to share more about our sweet love story in the weeks to come. Until next time, friends… CMB

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