The Best Day Ever. So Far.

October 6, 2018. The best day ever, well so far. It was a wonderful and busy and amazing and exciting day. But let’s go back a couple of days before.

The weekend we got engaged my parents were coming into town, so the whole week before I was running around trying to make sure our apartment was perfect for when they arrived. This was the first time my parents were visiting me in Seattle and the first time they were visiting Riley and I in our home together. There were many loads of laundry, vacuuming, mopping and oven cleaning (why did I think my mom would look INSIDE the oven?!). My parents are by no means critical, but I always feel this pressure when they come to visit.

ANY who… We had a whole weekend of fun planned for their first trip to Seattle. We wanted to show them why we love where we live as much as we do. So we had all of these stops planned; Pike Place Market, Kerry Park, Museum of Pop Culture and so much more. They get into town and I am so excited. Our first stop when they get into town on Friday night is dinner.

To me, that first dinner was uneventful, but to Riley it was incredibly stressful. He hadn’t had an opportunity before that to ask my parents for their blessing to marry me, so he took the few minutes I was in the bathroom to do so. My mom would later tell me that Riley had spoken so quickly to get everything he wanted to say out, that she didn’t quite understand what he was saying. When he finally did get everything out, my parents happily gave their blessing.

The next day was a sunny fall Saturday packed full of activities. Our first stop of the day was Pike Place Market. When I lived in West Seattle, we would visit the market pretty regularly. We loved going in when it was still earlier and a lot of the shops were still setting up. We would grab a pastry and coffee and stroll through the market to pick out some fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. Many of our trips would end at a little spot just outside of the market that overlooked the Sound. It was (and is) one of our favorite little places to just sit, think and talk.

Well on that morning with my parents, we strolled through the market. We ate breakfast, drank coffee and made our way out to that little spot. My mom asked if we wanted a picture and the next thing I know I look over and Riley is on one knee. To date, it was the happiest moment of my life. This sweet, amazing man wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and I could not agree more.

The rest of the day was a blur of happiness and family time. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect engagement moment. But I am even more excited for our lives together. Until next time, friends… CMB


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