My Hopes for 2020

It is hard to imagine that 2020 will be able to beat 2019, but I am excited to see what this year will bring. As we head into the new decade I hope I can continue to grow and learn about myself and the world around me. At the end of the day, I have no idea what this year will bring. All I can do is make goals for myself and do my best to meet them. Will I meet each goal one hundred percent? Probably not and that is okay.

Live a healthier lifestyle. I think a version of this goal has been on my list for longer than I would like to admit. Most of the time this goal comes in the form of wanting to hit a certain number on the scale, whether I say it out right or not. I would be lying if I said, this time will be totally different. I do need to loose weight. I am currently not healthy at the size I am at and I am starting to see the health repercussions of that. Before my weight would fluctuate and therefore the consequences would never fully catch up to me. That isn’t the case now. I am seeing the effects on my heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

My goal over the next over the next year is to make positive changes toward a healthier lifestyle, with the hope that the result will be a healthier body and mind. In order to keep myself on track, I have more smaller or “sub” goals that are more specific and measurable. For me, it is hard to know if I am succeeding in working toward a goal if I do not have a way to measure it. For each of my larger goals I am going to share some of the smaller/sub goals as well! For this one, some of those are:

  • Go for a 30 minute walk each day
  • Drink 96 oz. of water each day
  • Eat a yummy salad for lunch each week day
  • Limit as much as I can (or cut completely) dairy from my diet
  • Eliminate (again) soda from my diet
  • Start hiking again, with a goal of one hike per month
  • Limit the amount of meat in my diet


Find small ways to better myself. I think we all have an ideal version of yourselves. The person we are on our best days when we have all the time in the world. I think of that version of myself often and find myself thinking of all the things I would do if I had the time or courage. Heading into the end of the year, I kept having this nagging little thought of why not? Why not try to put these actions or hobbies into action?

Over the past few months, I have been thinking about time a lot. It always seems to be the barrier that we use to justify inaction. I didn’t go to the gym because I didn’t have time. I didn’t clean the bathroom because I didn’t have time. I only read one book this year because I didn’t have time. So on and so on. But it is not that I do not have enough time, it is that I am not prioritizing my time in a way that reflects what I want to focus on. It is not that I don’t have time to focus on bettering myself, it is that I prioritize things like TV or social media. So, I am going to shift those priorities and here are the things I would like to focus on instead:

  • No screen time 30 minutes prior to bed
  • Read a book a week
  • Create & stick to a morning routine
  • Meditate at least three days a week with Headspace
  • Learn photography basics
  • Be more open with my feelings


Become a better global citizen. Every day when I am scrolling through social media or reading the news, I see a new story about the effects of climate change, the different causes and all sorts of different political opinions about those things. To me it seems undeniable that climate change is a fact and we are starting to see the effects. And, frankly, it terrifies me. What does our future look like? What does the future of my future children look like? While those may seem like selfish reasons, it is still the concern that hits the closest to home. I cannot help but wonder what would happen if we all made small changes to better inform ourselves and make the world a better place. It may seem like these are small things, but here is what I hope to accomplish over the next year:

  • Use only reusable water bottles and tumblers
  • Start composting
  • Limit clothes and make-up purchases
  • Limit consumption of meat
  • Listen to the news every morning


So here are my hopes for 2020. Written out plain as day. I know they are lofty and maybe there are too many, but all I can do is stay committed and check in on them throughout the year. I can guarantee I will not be perfect with these goals, but I will do my best to meet these. Can’t wait to see what this year has in store! Until next time, friends… CML

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