My Hopes for 2020: February Check-In

I can’t believe it is already February and at the same time can’t believe we are only to February. January was a long month filled with a lot of challenges and a very busy schedule. Both Riley and myself were sick for close to three weeks each. I also had to travel for about a week and a half for work. So it was busy, but a lot of time was also sent not being able to do much. In the last week of the month, things started to turn around which was much welcomed.

I decided I want to do a monthly check-in on my goals and hopes for 2020. I always set goals for myself at the beginning of the year. Sometimes I stick to them, some times I remind myself of them, but most of the time at least a majority are forgotten. So why not check in on them on the first Monday of each month?


Live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Go for a 30 minute walk each day: This definitely did not happen in January. Being sick and insanely congested did not lend itself to successful walks. The rest of the month, I just did not make this a priority. I decided a couple of days ago this would be at the top of my priority list for February.
  • Drink 96 oz. of water each day: I am not quite to this goal, but am definitely getting there. I have been carrying my corkcicle around like it is my business and normally drink about 3 a day which is 72 oz. If I can start drinking one more a day, I will be at my goal!
  • Eat a yummy salad for lunch each week day: Total fail. I still love salad and probably have 1-2 a week for lunch, but have totally failed otherwise. We’ll try again in February.
  • Limit as much as I can (or cut completely) dairy from my diet: I would say this had about a 50% success rate. lol. Dairy has definitely not been cut from my diet, but it has been limited. Like meat down below, I am just a lot more conscious of it and try to eat it sparingly.
  • Eliminate (again) soda from my diet: This is going really well! I did have 2 diet cokes while I was traveling for work, but have complete cut soda other than that! I think I am set up to not have any going into February!
  • Start hiking again, with a goal of one hike per month: This didn’t happen in January, but again with being sick it was a bit unrealistic. We also had the rainiest month in recent Seattle history and a week of snow. I’m giving myself a pass.


Find small ways to better myself.

  • No screen time 30 minutes prior to bed: This is one of my few wins on this list, lol. Because I have committed to reading more, I tend to do that before bed rather than sit on my phone or watch TV.
  • Read a book a week: I am a little behind on this, but definitely catching up. I have read two books in the last two weeks and have loved every second. I am so glad I put this on my list because I had truly forgotten how much I love reading. I also decided that I am going to start writing reviews of the books I have been reading.
  • Create & stick to a morning routine: I haven’t been able to do this quite yet due to the sickness and traveling but am definitely getting there. In the past week I have started coming in on what brings me joy in the morning. I feel like I will get there in no time.
  • Meditate at least three days a week with Headspace: Another fail on the books, lol. This is another priority for February!
  • Learn photography basics: While I haven’t started putting the basics into practice. I have been doing research on the best ways to teach yourself. I hope to have some more progress next month.
  • Be more open with my feelings:


Become a better global citizen.

  • Use only reusable water bottles and tumblers: If I were to give myself a grade on this one, it would be a C. I have made a concerted effort here and have definitely limited the use of one-time plastic bottles/tumblers. However there have still been times when I have found myself in a bind. I will just continue to try to do better next week and next month.
  • Start composting: We have not started composting yet, but I have started looking into options. I am hoping next month we will have a couple of days of good weather and I can get this all set up.
  • Limit clothes and make-up purchases: This is also going really well! In terms of make-up, the only thing I have purchased this month is eyeliner to replace the one I ran out of. I did make a couple of clothes purchases, but each had specific intent and have already been worn multiple times. I am going to keep working on this and reminding myself of this priority.
  • Limit consumption of meat: This is going SUPER well. I have been more conscious than ever of the amount of meat I am consuming. I have been able to find some great recipes with no meat in them, that both Riley and I enjoy a lot!
  • Listen to the news every morning: Again, this is going really well! I have listed to both The Daily and Up First basically every morning this month. If I did miss a day, I always listened the next morning!

All in all, I am doing okay with the goals. There are definitely things I still need to work on, but I am proud of the items I have committed to and followed through on. I am sure February will be even more successful that January and cannot wait to see my progress. Until next time, friends… CML

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