Book Review: Cottage by the Sea

We are onto the second book of the year! This was an easy read that I definitely enjoyed. I have to admit I tend to like these types of books that are just quick books that read like a romantic comedy in my mind. I try to read them infrequently, but they are a bit addictive at times! Read on to find out more about this one!

Book 2/52

What book is it? Cottage by the Sea

Who’s it by? Debbie Macomber

What category is it in? Fiction – Rom Com

What is it about?

Annie is rocked by tragedy when her family is killed in one fellow swoop by a mudslide in her hometown of Seattle, Washington the night before Thanksgiving. Up until this point she had been more consumed by her life in Los Angeles being a physician’s assistant, than by family holidays. She immediately moves back to the Seattle area to deal with all of the fallout from the recent family tragedy.

After a year and a half of paperwork and meeting with lawyers, but not dealing with the tragedy emotionally, Annie decides to return to Oceanside, Washington. A place that only has happy memories of her childhood and family. Upon her return she begins to rent the same cottage her family stayed in as children from a less than welcoming landlord. Annie quickly finds a job as a physician’s assistant at the local clinic. She also meets an interesting townie named Keaton.

She quickly became involved in all of the town’s affairs and dramas. She befriends a local high school student with a couple of dark secrets. Annie begins to break through the many walls her unfriendly landlord has put up. And she falls for the interesting townie. All of this isn’t without its trials. Many of which lead to temporary heartbreak followed by overwhelming happiness.

What did I think?

I thought the book was okay and a super easy read. I finished the book in like two days because I definitely got hooked within the first 50-60 pages. Is it the most thought provoking? No. Is it filled with a lot of cheesiness? Oh ya. So this isn’t going to make you think as much as say a Hemingway novel, but it will absolutely entertain you for a couple of days!

Would I recommend it? Maybe. If you need an easy, cheesy read that will make you smile, go for it!

Hope you enjoyed my second ever book review!

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