Introducing Parties By Catie-Marie

As many of you may know, I got married this past August (you can read more about that magical day here, here, and here). It was such a huge learning process that ended with the most wonderful day. One of the many things I learned during the planning process was that wedding invitations are expensive and are in no way friendly to our environment. I could not believe the cost of a full invitation. Once you had all of the components, you were pushing $6-8 an invitation. Crazy!

I decided that I wanted to see what I could do on my own. While we did order the actual invitations from a company, I was determined to do everything else on my own. And I did. That whole experience got me thinking. If I was running into this cost barrier and feeling like it was a large impact on the environment, I couldn’t be the only one. That was almost a year ago.

I had wanted to start a party supply business for a while but couldn’t figure out what I wanted my niche to be or even what I wanted to sell specifically. This experience gave me that inspiration. I started to have an idea of what I wanted the focus of my business to be. Obviously starting a business while I was in the middle of planning my own wedding was not ideal, so I decided to hold off until after. That brings us to today.

I get to formally announce my newest venture… Parties by Catie-Marie.

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Parties by Catie-Marie provides an eco-friendly approach to wedding and party supplies. We offer simple, timeless designs and products. Our products are able to be customized to best fit the needs of our customers. We use high quality eco-friendly materials to produce our products. All paper products are made with 100% recycled materials and are marked with “please recycle” on the back of each item.

When shipping products we will only be using cardboard boxes that are both made from recycled materials and are able to be recycled. We use shredded paper scraps and mess ups (these things happen :)) to pack our products for shipment. Products are gathered and wrapped in twine and 100% recycled and biodegradable paper. We are committed to continuing to find ways to make our products and operations more eco-friendly as our company grows.

Initially we will be offering ten products! 5 different wedding invitation designs and 5 different wedding invitation insert designs.  The designs range from a simple modern theme to vintage inspired design. Each month new products will be launching, so check back here for those announcements each month! Eventually we plan to offer a full line of wedding and party supplies.

Inserts OnlyHotel CardFull Suite2Inserts Only 3Invitation2

You can visit our Etsy shop here:

You can visit our Instagram here:

You can visit our website here:  coming soon!


I am so excited to share this new venture with all of you! I cannot wait to see where this business will go. Until next time, friends…CML

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