My Hopes for 2020: March & April Check-In

I cannot believe it is already April?! We are only three months into the year and it has already felt like a full year. March has definitely gotten the best of me with everything going on in the world and life. I fell out sync with writing for the blog and was focusing on other things. I have half written like ten posts and have made it my mission to finish them and post them. For now, I am going to review how the past couple of months have gone with my resolutions.

Live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Go for a 30 minute walk each day: I did this a few times, but it was definitely not consistent! I can see the difference it makes in both my mood and Mickey’s (the dog’s) mood when we are going on consistent walks.
  • Drink 96 oz. of water each day: I would give myself a C here. There are days I am definitely drinking this much water and others where I probably only have about 24 oz. of water. Definitely going to keep trying to make this a part of my daily routine.
  • Eat a yummy salad for lunch each week day: I think I am doing about as good as I was doing in January. I have definitely started eating more salad, but have not quite gotten into a routine with it.
  • Limit as much as I can (or cut completely) dairy from my diet: I would say this is going pretty well. The only dairy I am really eating at this point is cheese and that is really only once in a while.
  • Eliminate (again) soda from my diet: I was doing so well with this until the very end of the month, then I went rouge at the end of February. For a vast majority of March, I have not had any in a couple of weeks.
  • Start hiking again, with a goal of one hike per month: This is still not something I have re-started. Because of everything that has been going on, we are staying indoors and away from others. I decided because of this, I will be removing this goal from my resolutions until the health crisis is over.

Find small ways to better myself.

  • No screen time 30 minutes prior to bed: I would give myself an A on this one. I have been reading every night before bed and therefore have not been looking at screens!
  • Read a book a week: Doing super well here and have caught up from my lack of reading in January! I have recently started re-reading the Harry Potter series and have been loving it!
  • Create & stick to a morning routine: This is not going particularly well. I have sort of developed a routine, but am not sure it is exactly what I would like it to be. I finally sat down in the past couple of days and really thought about what would set me up for a successful day. I created a more structured routine that I want to stick to throughout April.
  • Meditate at least three days a week with Headspace: Fail. Just a total fail. I did work meditation/headspace into my morning routine to hopefully make it more regular.
  • Learn photography basics: See above line. Lol.
  • Be more open with my feelings: I totally forgot to comment on this one last month. I am definitely being more open and am so much more aware of my hesitation and discomfort when situations arise. This will be an ongoing journey for me.

Become a better global citizen.

  • Use only reusable water bottles and tumblers: I would give myself a B in this category. I have been really good about bringing my tumbler and water bottle with me, but have definitely gotten a couple of items from Starbucks sans reusable cup.
  • Start composting: Still haven’t started but have started looking into options. The weather is getting a bit better and I am excited to set up a compost station!
  • Limit clothes and make-up purchases: This as been going really well! I have barely purchased anything over the past couple of months. The items that I have purchased were replacement make-up items.
  • Limit consumption of meat: This is going okay as well. I am definitely eating less meat and conscious when I am planning meals to limit the meat in them.
  • Listen to the news every morning: This is about 50/50. I listen to the news most mornings but there are definitely some days that I skip it. Especially given everything going on, there are days I just need to not because of how many different ways I end up getting that information.

What I want to do better next month.

  • Prioritize the 30 minute walks everyday. I really need to get back into the swing of being active and exercising each day.
  • Start and stick to my morning routine each day. I want to try to do this routine everyday for a month to see how it changes my perspective and mood. After the month is up, I plan to adjust as needed but want to try to do the same thing everyday for a month.
  • Decide on a composting method. I have done research and now I think it is time to act. I want to get the composting station up and running within the next month or so. Plus since we were just placed on “shelter in place” status, having projects will be quite nice!

So this is where we are at. Things are not perfect and I wish I was a bit farther along, but this is where we are at. All I can do is continue to try to prioritize these things and continue to try to be better. Until next time, friends… CML

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