My Hopes for 2020: May Check-In

We are have completed month two of our quarantine. I am at the point where I am never sure what day it is and can never remember when things happened. I have been trying to keep my days as consistent as possible, as well as doing things I find productive everyday. This actually result in a fairly good month in terms of my goals.

Live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Go for a 30 minute walk each day: This has been going a lot better. While I am not 100% consistent, I have definitely been making this a priority in the last month. Doing this more frequently, made me realize how much I love going for walks.
  • Drink 96 oz. of water each day: This is also going so much better. My water consumption is way up and is way more consistent.
  • Eat a yummy salad for lunch each week day: This is still going moderately okay. I am eating something healthy for lunch a lot more consistently, but also completely forget to eat lunch some days.
  • Limit as much as I can (or cut completely) dairy from my diet: This is going really well! I have almost completely cut dairy from my diet. It does make me feel a lot better and I am rarely getting stomach aches.
  • Eliminate (again) soda from my diet: My first win! I did have one soda last month, but I ended up only drinking a few sips and didn’t want it anymore.

Find small ways to better myself.

  • No screen time 30 minutes prior to bed: This is going okay. I would say a majority of the month I did this and the rest of the time I would just fall asleep as soon as I got into bed.
  • Read a book a week: This is going well! I have finished the Harry Potter series, which was a feat and have moved onto new fun books!
  • Create & stick to a morning routine: This was my main goal for the month of April and I did surprisingly well. It took me a while to sink into a consistent routine that I liked. I basically ended up with two routines – one where I work out and one where I don’t. I have pretty much done this and it makes me feel great in the morning.
  • Meditate at least three days a week with Headspace: This goal has kind of evolved to me. I was not able to really get into meditation, but did find an alternative that I really liked! Instead, I have been writing in a journal almost every morning. It has been a great alternative and am going to be updating this goal!
  • Learn photography basics: I have started doing this simply by looking up tutorials and how too online. I still want to find a more structured class or something, but that has been put on hold because of the quarantine.

Become a better global citizen.

  • Use only reusable water bottles and tumblers: This is going as well as it can be. A lot of stores in my area are no longer allowing reusable bags and cups. Anywhere that is still allowing them, I am using them.
  • Start composting: I think we finally decided on a composting solution! Everything is taking a while to get to us, so we probably won’t be able to start fully composting until May.
  • Limit clothes and make-up purchases: This is also going really well! Aside from ordering some facial cleanser that I ran out of, I haven’t been doing much shopping. Having all of the stores closed definitely helps with this.
  • Limit consumption of meat: Another goal that is going really well. We are still eating meat, but the frequency has definitely decreased. I am excited to keep finding alternatives for meat as the main protein in our dinners.
  • Listen to the news every morning: I would give myself an A+ here. I think I consistently listened to the news every morning for the past month. Whoot whoot!

I am pretty proud of myself during the last month! While it still was not a perfect, it was probably the best month I have had this year. Until next time, friends… CML

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