Friday Five | Work From Home Edition

I have been working from home for almost two full years now. I will start off my saying that working from home is definitely not for everyone, as it can feel a bit isolating and like you never leave work. But for some, it is a great option and can make your quality of life exponentially better. I have found that I do genuinely like working from home for may reasons. I think one of the reasons it works so well for me is that I am an extreme introvert, so just the act of going into an office can feel exhausting. I wanted to share a few things that have made working from home both enjoyable and productive.

Day Planner. I currently use a day designer agenda, but originally used a Dailey agenda notepad. It gave me a place to plan out my day, write my to do list and prioritize my tasks. For me, having a schedule and to do list each day is essential. If I have it written down, I feel super accountable to myself to finish that task by the end of the day. The exact notepad I had is no longer available, but there are similar ones here, here and here. I also created my own Daily Planner Sheet that I like to use from time to time!


A Good Water Bottle/Tumbler. After I first started working from home, I figured out that I was not drinking nearly as much water as I should be. I would get annoyed with an actual bottle but would be scared that I would knock over a normal glass. Eventually found my beloved tumbler that kept my water cold and eliminate the spill risk. Since I got it, I have been drinking so much more water and absolutely love it! This is the exact one I use, but I also really like this option.


Dedicated Work Space. I know people that can work from anywhere, so this may not apply to everyone. However, for me it was so important. I absolutely needed a place I could go to work, then leave at the end of the day. Almost like I have an office, but its not around other people (lol). At this point I have a pretty great set up with a wonderful little corner desk, comfy desk chair, classic rug and fun artwork. I love my little space. Should I write a full post about my home office?


Scheduled Breaks. This is a huge one for me. There are definitely times that I can sit down and work for hours and hours. However, I find I am more productive and produce better work product when I take a break every couple of hours. When you work in an office there are natural breaks; when you go to get more coffee/water, a coworker comes to chat or going to and from the bathroom. When you work from home, these things don’t happen. So taking breaks every once kind of takes the place of those moments. Consider going for a walk, doing a quick chore, write in a journal or playing with your pet.


Comfortable, but Professional Blazer. In the age of video calls, having a comfortable but professional piece to throw on is essential. Whether that is a blazer, blouse or sweater, find a piece you love and keep it on hand! When you have a last minute video meeting or forgot about a video meeting, this piece will become a life saver!

J. Crew Blazer

Hopefully everyone is staying sane during this crazy time. I know work from home life may not be for everyone, but I am more thankful than ever that it is an option for so many of us. Until next time, friends… CML

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