Introducing Sweet Mickey

Just over a year ago I was at a conference for work and I get a text from Riley. The text only contained a picture of a very cute little dog. We were just a few weeks away from moving into our new home and decided now was the time to look for a dog to bring into that home. I had an overwhelming feeling that this little dog with a goofy grin was one that was available for adoption. My hunch turned out to be correct when Riley let me know that he has already submitted an application to adopt her.

About a week later we were loosing hope when we had not heard back from the pet adoption organization, but her little profile on Facebook was extremely popular. We waited and checked in then finally we got a response. We could meet that cute little peanut during the upcoming weekend.


The day came and we nervously drove to her foster mom’s house in West Seattle. We got there way too earlier and had to drive around the block a few times, making the butterflies and nerves grow and grow. The time came and we walked up the little stone path to the front door and knocked. We came inside and got the first glimpse of her. We got down on her level and reached out our hands for her to sniff. Eventually she warmed up to us and we went for a walk around the block.

We left just knowing this sweet little dog was ours. We emailed the pet adoption organization. as soon as we got home and let them know we wanted to adopt her as soon as possible. We were so nervous, seeing as there was so much interest in her on online and they had told us she had gotten an overwhelming number of applications. We sat, waited and hoped that they would not take too long to get back to us.


We heard back almost instantly that she was ours and we could pick her up tomorrow. The next day was a blur of anxious excitement. Finally we made our way to pick her up, excitedly discussing potential names for our newest family member. We arrived and this sweet gal immediately remembered us and greeted us in the most excited way. It was just the reassurance we needed in that moment.


We’ve had this sweet girl pattering around our house for over a year now and I can honestly say she’s made our lives better in so many ways. She is always there to snuggle you when you need it most or sometimes when you had no idea you needed on. She is always there to give you the goofiest little facial expressions. But mostly, she provides unconditional love that everyone needs in their lives.

I love our little morning ritual of her bounding into bed with us to get some snuggles before going out to the bathroom. Or taking her for walks where she gets distracted by basically anything in sight. Or when she curls up in the tiniest little ball when she is getting tired.


I love our little peanut so much and am so happy she is part of our little family. It is hard to imagine our lives without her now. Until next time, friends… CML

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