Book Review | Window on the Bay

After getting through the Harry Potter series, I really wanted to read something light and maybe a little silly and girly. I have come to love Debbie Macomber books for just this time. Her books are easy reads, with interesting story lines and are just a little bit cheesy. I say all of this in the most loving way possible. Up this week is Window by the Bay.

What book is it? Window on the Bay

Who’s it by? Debbie Macomber

What category is it in? Rom Com in book form

What is it about? Two best friends, Jenna and Maureen, are planning an epic trip to Paris after their college graduation from the University of Washington. That is until one finds out she is pregnant. Fast forward about twenty years, the women are still best friends but much has changed. Both have grown kids, steady careers and failed marriages.

Following the last of the kids leaving for college and a bad fall by Maureen’s mother, both of their worlds are rocked, but not by what you would think. Within days of these things happening, both women find themselves meeting the most unlikely of matches in the most unlikely of places. This is made ever more complicated by the women’s unusual relationships with love following each of their divorces. While both new relationships begin well, problems do ultimately ensue that test the women’s deepest self insecurities.

All of this is happening while each family is also facing their own trials and tribulations. Maureen is comforting a daughter who has recently suffered a miscarriage and is struggling to work through this hard time. Meanwhile Jenna has a daughter that has recently left for college and is testing the boundaries of her new found freedom. At the same time, Jenna is also dealing with her son dropping out of college in pursuit of working in a restaurant.

Are they able to work through these things with their love interests? Or will they fall back into old ways? Will they be able to work through tough times with their kids? I don’t want to give anything away. Read away if you would like to find out!

What did I think? Overall, it was a super quick read. At times it was a bit predictable, though there were a few good twists and turns. What I have come to find with books from this author is that they are lovingly cheesy and tend to feel just a bit unrealistic (much like a rom com you would watch). I love these when I am in need of a quick, light, fun read.

Would I recommend it? Maybe. If you are into cheesy rom com novels, then yes. If you tend to like a bit more serious content, then probably not. 

This types of books are, admittedly, some of my favorite. I bit cheesy, but ultimately make you a little happy camper. What are your favorite books to read when you need an easy fun read? Until next time, friends… CML

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