Kirkland Guide

Within a year of moving to Seattle, I found myself living in Kirkland, Washington. I have called this sweet little town home for nearly two years now. If you have asked me four years ago if I thought I would be living in a suburb of Seattle, rather than Seattle itself, I would have called you crazy. But I am a true believer in things working out how they should and I believe this is no exception. I have fallen completely in love with the city of Kirkland and have truly found my home. It is a wonderful city full of life and is a great place to explore for a long weekend!


Guide Menu



Graphic - BeachHouse Bar and Grill  Graphic - Georges  Graphic - The French Bakery

Graphic - Wow Wow Lemonade  Graphic - Top Pot Doughnuts  Graphic - Couzins Cafe



Graphic - Volterra  Graphic - Bottle and Bull  Graphic - Cafe Jaunita

Graphic - Cactus  Graphic - Little Brother  Graphic - Isarn

Graphic - Como  Graphic - The Slip  Graphic - Feast



Graphic - Cafe Ladro  Graphic - Thruline  Graphic - Zoka

Graphic - Urban Coffee Lounge  Graphic - Carillon Kitchen  Graphic - Bungalow Joe



Graphic - Deru  Graphic - Homegrown  Graphic - Metropolitan Market

Graphic - Pagliacci  Graphic - Santorini Greek Grill  Graphic - Spud Fish and Chips


Things To Do

Graphic - Walk  Graphic - Spa  Graphic - Gallery

Graphic - Chainline Brewery  Graphic - Boat Ride  Graphic - Paddleboarding

Graphic - Local Shops  Graphic - Picnic  Graphic - Sea Plave Tour


Where to Stay

Graphic - Woodmark Hotel  Graphic - Heathman Hotel

I hope you enjoy your time in Kirkland! It is a great little city that I love with all my heart and I love sharing its greatest with the world. Until next time, friends… CML

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