Friday Five |Diggity Dogs

Since I introduced our sweet Mickey to all of you earlier this week, I thought I would share some of the items that help us keep her happy and healthy. She brings so much joy to our lives and we try to make her little life as happy as possible. In general she is a pretty low maintenance dogs, but definitely has her little quirks that we have to work around.

Retractable Dog Brush. We have one hairy dog. She’s adorable, but hairy. And we have discovered since the quarantine that her hair gets long if she is not groomed regularly. Unfortunately, she also hates being brushed. We have tried so many options and found so many options that did not work for one reason or another. Finally we found this amazing retractable dog brush. I love it for two reasons. One, it does a great job of brushing her while also not being super harsh. I swear she barely notices when we are brushing her. Second, the retractable feature makes it super easy to get hair out of the brush. This is super helpful when little Mikey is trying to wiggle away in between brushing sessions. lol.

Retractable Dog Brush

Memory Foam Dog Bed. While we don’t have this exact one, we have a very similar bed. It is the BEST! We have found that Mickey is a bit picky about her beds and has rejected a couple of other ones. We got this one and it was like a little Mickey magnet. She sleeps in there every night now and throughout the day. It is her favorite.


Smokey Beef Treats. When we first got Mickey, she has not a food dog. We tried everything and she just was not into it at all. At one point we got a dog trainer and told her about this issue. She told us something that will stick with me, she said every dog is a food dog, you just have to figure out what they like. Then, she introduced us to smokey beef treats. It was all over. After she figured out that she liked those, she suddenly liked every other food we had ever tried to give her before.

Smokey Beef Treats

Cute Dog Bag Holder. When we first got Mickey, I got just a cheap, generic dog holder bag and it ended up driving me crazy. The end would fall off and the bag would fall off and it was so nosy banging against the leash. I have been in search for a a cute, more secure and less noisy option. I recently found these holders and am totally in love!

Dog Bag Holder

Stinky Bones. Finding ways to entertain a dog other than 85 walks a day can be difficult. We have tried a lot of options that we really like, but our go to fall back option is the stinky bone (also known as bully sticks). It takes her a couple hours to finish one and as soon as she gets it nothing can distract her. Instant entertainment.

Stinky Bones

Hopefully you are getting to spend some extra quality time with your furry friend during this weird and crazy time. I know I have enjoyed extra walks and snuggles with mine. Until next time, friends…CML

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