Styling Your Capsule Wardrobe Basics

Last week I shared my take on a Capsule Wardrobe. When I was choosing the items to include in the capsule, I wanted to make sure that each piece was high quality and could be used in a variety of ways. Fast fashion has become a huge problem in our society, so finding high quality, timeless pieces is more important than ever. It is also a better option to find one high quality piece, than have to replace the piece more frequently. I also want to make sure the pieces can be used in a casual outfits, work outfits, as well as more dressy outfits.

Now let’s walk through how we can style these pieces! I decided to break down the styling options by the tops and dresses that are included. I didn’t include the jewelry, sunglasses or bags in any of these options because it would get really repetitive to just put the same items on every outfit over and over again.

White Button-Up. This piece can probably be used in more ways than any other piece in the collection. This is such a classic piece, that can look great on everyone depending on the cut. I love that it can be worn casually with a pair of jeans, dressed up with a pair of trousers and a blazer for work or even dressed up with trousers and a fun pair of earrings for a more formal event.

Capsule Basics Styling Graphic - White Button-Up

Chambray Button-Up. Another really fun piece that is able to be used in a lot of ways. I love the option to wear this with a pair of white jeans with either sandals for spring/summer and loafers for fall/winter. I also love the idea of dressing this piece up with a pair of trousers and heels.

Capsule Basics Styling Graphic - Chambray Button-Up

Patterned Blouse. I absolutely love this blouse! Admittedly, it cannot be used in as many ways as some of the other items, but it will certainly make a statement when it is worn. I love the idea of this top with white jeans and espadrilles.

Capsule Basics Styling Graphic - Patterned Blouse

Sleeveless Blouse. Another super versatile blouse! It can be worn with jeans and sandals to run errands, dress it up with white jeans and espadrilles for date night, or a skirt and blazer for a day at the office!

Capsule Basics Styling Graphic - Sleeveless Blouse

Cream Sweater. This is one of my favorite pieces in the fall and winter. I wear my cream sweater multiple times during the colder months. I love finding ways to make it feel different more dressed up that just jeans and a sweater.

Capsule Basics Styling Graphic - Cream Sweater

Tan Sweater. Another staple for me during the fall and winter. I on the days I am not wearing my cream sweater or white button-up, I am wearing this little pieces. It is another one that can be thrown on with jeans to run errands or dressed up with a pair of trousers for the office.

Capsule Basics Styling Graphic - Tan Sweater

Striped Tee. I love a great striped number. I think if you are going to have one striped shirt, it should be a simple white tee shirt. It makes me feel like I put just a bit more effort in, while still being super comfortable.

Capsule Basics Styling Graphic - Striped Tee

White Short Sleeve Tee. There is nothing more timeless and versatile than a simple white tee. It can be layered under things or worn on its own. Admittedly, my favorite way to wear a white tee is tucked into a great pair of jeans with a pair of sneakers. It can be worn any time of year with almost anything!

Capsule Basics Styling Graphic - White Tee

Dresses. A necessity in any closet in my opinion. When I am looking at dresses, I always think about all of the ways I can wear it. I want to make sure I am finding things that can be both dressed up and down.  I love both of these dresses because they can be worn with sneakers for a more casual look or with heels for a more formal look.

Capsule Basics Styling Graphic - Dresses

I was so impressed with all of the different outfit options I was able to come up with! The great thing is that there are different combinations I have thought of since creating these graphics. But I love that you could definitely wear a different outfit everyday for over a month!

Capsule Basics Styling Graphic

This post has been SO much fun for me to put together. It has really made me think about my wardrobe and what I actually need and wear from day to day. A lot of those items are the ones that are included in this capsule!

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