Book Review | Still Me

A few years back, I read Me Before You then saw the movie and absolutely loved them both. Then Me After You came out and I read that as well. They are fun lighthearted books that hit all of the emotions while you are reading them. I was hoping JoJo would write a third installment to the series, so I was so excited when I saw this book a couple months back. As soon as I saw it on Amazon, I ordered it right away!

What book is it? Still Me

Who’s it by? Jojo Moyes

What category is it in? Rom Com in novel form

What is it about? This is the third installment of this series, following Me Before You and Me After You. The last book ended with Louisa making the decision to go to New York to accept a new and exciting job. This book picks up right were the last left off, with Louisa arriving in New York. She quickly learns that the Upper East Side is not quite like anywhere she has lived before. Ruled by the wealthy and elite, this society takes some time to get used to. Louisa begins her role as an assistant to the new wife of a very successful and old school business man. She is trust into a world of personal trainers, charity galas, weekly nail appointments and catty people.

In time she begins to acclimate to her new life and the people in it. She falls into a rhythm of following her new boss around ensuring her comfort at every possible moment. As she begins to feel more comfortable in her job, things become less comfortable with her boyfriend who is still across the pond. As soon as she is feeling really, truly comfortable in her new job, she learns of a huge secret about her boss. One that has the potential to change everything and it eventually does. Within the course of two weeks, that secret ruins both her relationship and her job.

Finding herself jobless and homeless, Louisa finds herself in a situation she never thought she would be in. Staying the the old grouchy lady, Margot, across the hall. Eventually they develop an odd friendship and Margot helps Louisa confront her insecurities and indecision. At the same time, Louisa helps Margot to right some regrets of her past. As things begin to look up, Louisa still has a constant nagging feeling of the love she has recently lost.

What did I think? I enjoyed it a lot! The first book, while it had a sad ending, felt like there was at least a conclusion. The second book ended with this huge cliff hanger of Louisa going to New York. I thought this book was the perfect way to wrap things up while honoring the characters involved. I was glad to have something that felt finished and complete.

Would I recommend it? Probably. If you have already read the first two books and liked them, then definitely! If you haven’t, it is a really cute series if you like these kinds of books!

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