The Wedding Series: Our Wedding Day

It is hard to believe that we are getting so close to our first anniversary. This past year has just flown by. Our wedding day was one of the happiest of my my life. While it may not have been perfect (I’m looking at you 90 degree heat) on paper, it was perfect to me in every way. I found that it wasn’t all of the little details that made it perfect, but rather getting to marry my favorite person surrounded by our friends and family.

Our wedding was a morning wedding and started with a flurry of activity. The girls getting their hair and make-up done and the boys goofing around while also getting ready. It was around this time were I got a text from Riley with a picture of his forehead with a cut on it, saying that he was Harry Potter. I thought it was more funny than anything, but everyone around me was freaking out a bit. Finally the moment came for our first look. It was a sweet moment that Riley and I were able to share just the two of us. We were quickly rushed off for all sorts of pictures.

Caitlyn + Riley's Wedding Day

Caitlyn + Riley's Wedding DayCaitlyn + Riley's Wedding Day

The moment finally came for the ceremony. We were all nervously waiting in our little holding room, hoping no one would trip. Then the moment came. We all got in line and I finally got to walk down that long isle to meet my favorite person. We promised to support each other. We promised to help each other when times got tough. We promised to love each other through it all. It was the happiest moment of the day. I had no idea how I would feel in that moment, but it was so much happier than anything I could have imagined.

Caitlyn + Riley's Wedding DayCaitlyn + Riley's Wedding DayCaitlyn + Riley's Wedding Day

Then it was time for our receptions. Because it was early in the day, we got to feast on all of your favorite brunch favorites. Luckily our venue was amazing and made sure that we got to eat everything that was being serves (which I have heard is not always the case). We listened to lovely and sweet toasts from my maid of honor, Riley’s best man and my new father in law. I will admit that the last of the toasts, from my father in law, really got me. Toasts were followed by our first dance. This was the one thing we had been dreading, as neither of us are dancers nor do we like dancing. While it was sweet and the pictures are adorable, we both were like when will this be over.

Caitlyn + Riley's Wedding DayCaitlyn + Riley's Wedding DayCaitlyn + Riley's Wedding DayCaitlyn + Riley's Wedding Day

The rest of the afternoon was spent mingling, dancing and playing lawn games. We got to chat with our friends. Play a couple of rounds of corn hole. And generally just enjoy our big day. As the day wore on, we did get a bit tired and got more and more excited for some time just the two of us. We were pretty excited when it came time for our send off.

Caitlyn + Riley's Wedding Day

In all, I loved our wedding day. It was the perfect day for us. I did realize that all of the little things I had been so worried about, really didn’t matter in the end. All that really mattered was that we got to marry each other and spend that time with our family and friends. That is what it is about after all.

  1. Try not to worry so much. Yes, make sure things are planned out and try to plan for hiccups, but things will work out. We definitely had hiccups throughout our wedding day, but I can’t even really remember what they are now. Focus on you and focus on your partner. At the end of the day you two are the reason everyone else is there and are all that matter.
  2. Stick with your partner. I know this probably sounds strange, but when you are surrounded by so many people that want to talk with you it can be harder than you think to stick together. I cannot tell you how many times I would get pulled in one direction and Riley would get pulled in another. Then we would have to go find each other. It felt so strange to have to hunt each other down on our wedding day.
  3. Take mental pictures. The day will go by in the blink of an eye. Stand back and take a couple of  mental pictures throughout the day. Engrain those memories in your mind and don’t let them slip away. I actually got this advice from someone else before our wedding.
  4. Have fun! At the end of the day your wedding should be fun! Don’t forget to stop worrying and have a bit of fun!

I sincerely hope anyone that is planning a wedding is able to plan their dream day. Filled with friends and family and their favorite things. Have fun and be in love! Until next time, friends… CML

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