Friday Five | Porch Picks

As we are finally starting to gear up for summer here in the Pacific Northwest, I have been thinking about how I can give our patio a little refresh. I love that we have a covered porch, so really despite the weather we can be outside, but once it gets sunny and warm, that is the only place I want to be! We are starting to prepare for a remodel to our house and our deck getting moved, so I have been challenged to find things that can easily be moved to the new set up! Such exciting stuff!

Decorative Outdoor Pillows. Last year we did a bit of experiment with our porch pillows. We found these amazing throw pillows that were fairly heavy duty, then scotch guarded them. It did not work out quite as well as we had hoped. Now, we are having to replace two of the pillows. I love both this option and this option. We already have a light and bright white and blue theme with natural woods, so I think these would be such a nice compliment to what we already have!

Pottery Barn Pillow   Serena and Lily Pillow

Sturdy Puff. We have a great seating area on our porch. Riley actually built all of the furniture we currently have and I love all of it! He did an awesome job. However, we have this open side that I would love to put some extra seating at that is easily moveable. I decided that a great puff would be the perfect option! I found a couple of great and affordable (under $100!) on Wayfair that would be the perfect compliment to our little seating area!

Puff   Pouf

Decorative Lanterns. Last year we got a couple of great lanterns for our deck as a wedding gift. I absolutely love the the fun pop and accent they provide to the area. It breaks up things bit, but feels really natural in the space. There are so many amazing options at a lot of places, but I LOVE the Pottery Barn selection! I love this classic white option if you have a lot of natural wood in the area you are decorating. These can provide a much needed pop of solid color. I also love this rattan option if you are in a more lush green area or are using a lot of neutrals in your design. Lastly, I think this clear glass lantern option is great for a dining area. They could make such a fun centerpiece feature at a big dining table.

Lanterns   Lanterns2   Lanterns3

Fun Lighting Feature. I have this vision in my head of this beautiful light feature to use on a patio above a seating area or dining area. I see all of these different rattan light fixtures at different heights creating this really cool feature with different shapes, colors, textures, etc. I would love to source the different fixtures from vintage shops, flea markets, etc. To give you the idea, I found these amazing options from Serena & Lily. They would be a perfect option, if you don’t have good access to those other places.

Rattan Fixture1   Rattan Fixture3   Rattan Fixture2

Statement Planter. I cannot wait until we are really able to landscape our backyard and plant many a beautiful lush plant. Until then, I will have to make do with smaller planters here and there. I love the idea of having to huge, beautiful planters on either side of the stairs on our porch. It helps really create a really beautiful transition between the semi-outdoors to the outdoors. Depending on your taste there is this beautiful grey option, classic terra cotta option or clean white option. Such a fun way to bring life to the porch!

Statement Planter2   Statement Planter   Statement Planter3

I can’t believe it is already summer, but also am so excited that it is finally here. What are you doing to prepare for summer? Until next time, friends… CML

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