The Wedding Series.

Over the past couple of weeks (read months), I have talked a lot about our sweet love story. From our not so cute “meet cute,” to our falling in love, to each of us figuring out the other was their one, to the day he got down on one knee. I love our love story, it is my favorite one by far and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my sweet man. But before I can do that, we have to plan that wedding thing. Lol.

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So What’s Up Catie? An Update on My Life

So What’s Up Catie? An Update on My Life

So, I’ve been away a while (48 days to be exact) and I am going to try to stop with the  hiatuses. I have talked about my crazy work travel schedule in previous blogs. Well, that combined with a bunch of personal travel and a hectic personal life have resulted in no time to work on my sweet little blog. In all reality, there will be another hiatus at some point, but I swear I am trying to avoid that. Even when I am not able to post here, I try to keep my Instagram and Twitter updated, so check those out.

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