My Hopes for 2020 | July Check-In

My Hopes for 2020 | July Check-In

While I didn’t think that this year could get any wilder, June proved me wrong. For me, each month has brought more fear, uncertainty, confusion and thought-provoking moments. With the resurgence of the corona virus and (long overdue) civil unrest, I have had no choice but to take this month one day at a time. Trying to do the best I can to keep others safe, while educating myself on topics I have neglected in the past. As I write this post, it is interesting to look back on the past month and recognize how much different it feels that previous months this year.


Live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Go for a 30 minute walk each day. Nailed it. I have been walking for 60 minutes every day, with very few exceptions. It has become one of my favorite parts of the day. Enjoying the fresh air, listening to audio books and processing my thoughts.
  • Drink 96 oz. of water each day. Another nailed it. I have been religiously hauling around my tumbler and refilling it multiple times each day. I think all of the walking helps with this. I have started craving water rather than coffee or soda.
  • Limit as much as I can (or cut completely) dairy from my diet. Also going really well. I have decided it may not be sure realistic to completely cut this from my diet, but I have made every effort to cut down on my consumption.
  • Eliminate (again) soda from my diet. Doing good here. I did have one diet coke this month, because it sounded really good. Other than that, no soda.

Find small ways to better myself.

  • No screen time 30 minutes prior to bed. This one has not been going as well this month. I was on a roll in May, but completely fell off the bandwagon in June. Here’s to July!
  • Read a book a week. Going good! Between reading and listening to books, I am on track with this!
  • Create & stick to a morning routine. Another win. While my routine may change a bit from day to day, the basics are there. When I start my days with this routine, I feel so much more productive by the end of the day.
  • Be more open with my feelings. This is also going well. I can remember a few times that I spoke up when I probably wouldn’t have in the past. I remember thinking after that I was proud of myself and that it felt good.

Become a better global citizen.

  • Use only reusable water bottles and tumblers. This is going super well! At home, it is all reusable items all the time. Because coffee shops aren’t allowing reusable cups right now, I think I ended up with single use cups 2-3 times when I stopped by a favorite local coffee shop.
  • Limit consumption of meat. This is going pretty well also. I have been trying to eat more fish and beans as an alternative. There are very few times when I am really wanting meat.
  • Listen to the news every morning. This has totally worked its way into my routine. I listen to it every morning while I am tidying. I love starting my day feeling like I am informed.
  • ADDContinuous Education: Ever since the murder of George Floyd and subsequent protests, I have been trying to find ways to educate myself on these topics. I want to add a goal that is to consume at least one piece of educational material a week.

While June was a crazy month in many ways, it did force me to really embrace a lot of these goals. I think they helped me feel sane when there was so much crazy all around. Until next time, friends… CML